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    What do you get when you combine up to 15 audience volunteers, comedy, science, and simple household items?  The Wacky Science Show!

    Yes, this is a super goofy, hilarious, and crazy show, but it is one of the best elementary science assemblies you’ll ever see.  In fact, this absorbing show will even teach your kids The Scientific Method in a way they’ll remember forever.

    Some of the Concepts Covered (depending on the grades attending):

    • The Scientific Method
    • States of Matter
    • Optical Illusions
    • Simple Machines
    • Centripetal and Centrifugal Force
    • Air Pressure
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Super Absorbent Polymers
    • States of Matter
    • Bernoulli’s Principle
    • … and lots more!

    Bringing it Back to the Classroom:

    • As we get ready to launch the show, we’ll be building up our YouTube Channel, filling it with links to funny and engaging videos that cover the same concepts we cover in the show.
    • We will also be adding new material to our Pinterest Page, including fun printables and science experiments your students can do at home.
    • Is there anything you’d like for your classroom? Email us and we’ll see if it’s something our skills can help create!

    The Wacky Science Show was written by Doug Scheer of www.AssemblyShows.com in Michigan and it’s performed by a veritable “Who’s Who” of magicians based all over the US, Spain, Israel, and Canada.  Annie is honored to be the first female magician to be asked to perform this show.

    This show will be ready in 2019.  We’re currently booking it for Fall but if enough schools want it earlier, we’ll step things up and get it ready even sooner!

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