The Wormtastic Recycling Show (coming April 2019)

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  • vermicycling recycling family fun night

    Do you know who recycles more than anyone?  Planet Earth!  By examining how the Earth recycles air, land, and water, we can follow this wonderful example by learning to recycle the things that we use every day.

    We’ll look at how nature works — how we can Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as we learn from the expert (Planet Earth) and become nature “copycats.”

    The highlight of the show is the power of Worms and the role these tiny creatures play in helping the Earth recycle food and plants.  Your students will beg their teachers to let them build their own Vermicycling tubs in the classroom according to the easy instructions we provide in the teacher materials.

    wormtastic elementary earth day assembly

    This is great for Earth Day celebrations or to prepare your students for any activity where they learn about taking care of our planet.

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