Science of the Bubble (coming in 2019)

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  • Even though bubbles are all around us every day, have you ever stopped to take a closer look?  Are they always round?  Why are some big and some small? Why do we see those colors reflected in the bubble when the soapy water is nearly clear?

    bubble-science-logo school assembly

    Because — Science!

    No, but seriously…  Annie answers all of these questions and more when she shows your students how bubbles teach us about molecules, air pressure, and surface tension.

    But wait — there’s more!

    The really special thing about this particular bubble show?  No mess!  

    The bubble solution used for this show is specially formulated to not make the floor slippery, so this show is amazing to have in your multipurpose room.  No special setup is required!

    It’s a great way to start off your science fair week and get open your students’ minds to examining everything around them to learn about physical science all of the time.

    This show will be available in 2019.  Contact me for more details!

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