Mad Scientist Book for Kids

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  • Dr. Electric Takes Over the World!

    Mad Scientist book for children

    A mad scientist! A secret island laboratory! An evil plot!

    It’s a beautiful day in Southern California when mad scientist Dr. Electric unleashes his invention into the Pacific Ocean…

    Both my five-year old, Leo, and I totally enjoyed it. As a teacher, I will say I enjoyed the juicy words, specific and purposeful language, and fine story. As just me, I will agree with Leo and say it was AWESOME!!!

     —Michael Della Penna, 2nd grade teacher, Emeryville, CA

    A Science Fiction Book for Kids

    Annie Banannie Carson Kids Read Event

    When your students are able to purchase a book that they’ve seen live, on stage, it increases reading motivation and reading comprehension.

    They’ll be able to recognize the elements of the story web (also called a story map) as they read the book and remember what we talked about in the author visit assembly. What a great way to extend the lessons in the show and make the educational content in the show even more effective.

    A Beautiful Picture Book

    Even though the text is at the 4th grade level, everyone loves this book. It’s rare to find a picture book that uses twisty balloons as the art medium. (I personally know of only three!) Children adore balloons and will go crazy over these gorgeous full-color illustrations.

    Annie hugging Dr Electric book for children

    Freakin’ loved it! Super fresh and original concept (the drawings plus balloon characters). The humor is wonderful—right down my alley. I’d bet kids howl, especially at the beginning section with all of Dr. E’s comments.

    You’ve managed to create a wonderful book on several different levels:  puzzles and brain teasers, funny characters and plot and presentation, unique style of story-telling. And what’s most important, it’s a book that I think kids can re-visit and enjoy because there’s so much to take in that I’m sure they catch or appreciate different things on a second or third reading. Wow. I’m humbled and impressed!

    —Tim Burke, Writer and Teacher at

    You can even order this silly mad scientist book for yourself online. It makes a great gift and will get your child excited about reading!

    Click here to order the book online.

    Coming Soon - King Orange!

    King Orange preschool book draft cover
    And coming soon … Annie's next book:  King Orange!  A picture book especially for preschoolers and kindergarten students.
    What happens when a 5-year-old king's favorite color is orange?  Things get a little out of control, that's what.  How do we convince the king that the other colors deserve an equal chance?  
    There's no official publication date for this yet, but we're hoping for sometime in 2019.  Stay tuned!
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