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  • Annie Banannie’s Kids Club!

    Kids, how would you like access to my secret web pages filled with fun stuff (videos, puzzles, games, art projects, etc.) created just for you?

    Annie Banannie kids club membership card

    Grab your parental unit and click on the button below to join the Kids Club.  You’ll get access to the Kids Club website and also every once in a while I’ll send you something special.

    (Parents - You need to sign up with your email but I hate spam as much as you do, so other than to let you know when I have FREE public shows, this email will only be used to let your kids know when there’s new stuff up on the website.)

    Spring 2019: This link will take you to another website.  Don't worry!  It's my old website.  I have my tech elves working on this now and we'll have things set up on this site soon.

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