Inflate Your Brain with Reading

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  • Inflate Your Brain With Reading

    Buster Balloon elementary reading assembly

    If you’re looking for fun assemblies about books, this inspiring comedy show is for you.  Your students will laugh while they learn the secrets of why books are so amazing.

    I have been working with kids for about 6 years now and I have never seen kids as excited and happy as I did today. 

    —Matt, Fairgrove Academy

    An Assembly Program about Books That Will Change the Way Your Students Feel About Reading

    Buster has loved reading his entire life, and you’ll learn how two little books actually changed his life for good.  Your students will be delighted when Buster uses some of their favorite books to lead them on adventures, discover crazy things about science, and even highlight the secret psychic powers of their school librarian!

    Buster Balloon school reading assembly

    The kids were mesmerized by your creations and absolutely loved your energy.  All of the schools have requested that I book shows with you for next year. 

    —Michelle Jenny, ASPIRE Program Coordinator, Downey

    Assemblies about Books are Great for Book Fair Week

    Buster Balloon reading show family fun night

    Assemblies about books are perfect for National Reading Month, Read Across America Celebrations (Dr. Seuss’ Birthday), and any time you want your students to discover their new favorite books.  Speaking of that, this show is also perfect for a Family Fun Night at your book fair. 

    The kids are still talking (a year later!) about how much fun the show was and they’re still in awe of the big finale!  The show was original, imaginative, and very interactive with lots of participation from the kids. It was one of the best received Family Nights we’ve hosted at our school.  It was standing room only!

    —Ingrid Culbert, Melinda Heights PTA

    To learn more about Buster’s reading show and how this hilarious assembly about books can help your school reach its reading goals this year, just click the button below.

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