How to Catch a Mouse

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  • There’s a mouse in my house!  Help!

    Science is lots of fun, but kids don’t always think so.  Let Annie show your 3rd graders how simple machines work in this delightful and whimsical balloon show.

    How to Catch a Mouse science assembly photos

    In this show, we build the craziest Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap you’ve ever seen.  Your students will be riveted as Annie explains how each machine works and then combines them at the end of the show to catch that pesky mouse.

    Concepts covered: 

    • Simple machines and how they work
    • Problem solving
    • A surprising medium for visual artistic expression - balloons!

    Students in grades K-6 can benefit from this show.  For the younger grades, we focus on how simple machines work and how they can work together to make something even more useful.  For the older grades, they’re introduced to a bit more information on how machines use the forces of nature to do even more amazing things.

    Even though this show is designed for K-6 audiences, this is especially motivating for your 2nd and 3rd graders, who are activity learning about simple machines with their physical science curriculum.

    Curriculum connections:

    How to Catch a Mouse school assembly show graphic
    • Science - The lever, fulcrum, inclined plane, screw, wheel, and pulley are the basic units we use to create larger and more complicated machines. Because we use balloons, a visual art form that children already LOVE, they’ll connect with these physical science concepts in an entirely new way.
    • Math - Problem solving is the underlying concept in the building of this mousetrap. How will we build a machine that catches the mouse when we only know about some of the simplest machines?  How can we solve a big problem with limited knowledge?
    • Art - Using the unusual art form of twisting balloons opens up the students’ minds to thinking differently about things they face every day in school and life.

    Bringing it Back to the Classroom:

    How to Catch a Mouse 3rd grade science assembly
    • We provide printable worksheets so students can revisit the concepts using the same visual artwork that’s in the show.
    • Teachers can take it one step further in the classroom by introducing students to Rube Goldberg and his concepts.
    • Students can even enter a contest sponsored by the writer of this show, Engineer and Artist Larry Moss of Rochester, New York.

    Speaking of Larry Moss, here’s the main website for How to Catch a Mouse.  This show is performed by eight different performers around the US!

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