Character Education Assembly

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    The "Perfect Human Project" Character Education Assembly incorporates the California Standards for Character Education in a really fun and engaging show.

    Two bumbling scientists set out to build a Perfect Human in this wacky 45-minute Character Education school assembly. Together with your students, these scientists will learn their new mantra, "I can be the best me I can be!" Your students will also remember the positive character traits and how to incorporate them into their lives!

    the soozi show and annie banannie character education show

    BONUS: At the end of the show, each child will receive a “Character Card” and instructions for a challenge that will have them encouraging each other as you’ve never seen before! Guaranteed!

    Due to the rigors of scheduling two performers for this show, we only make it available for three months a year - September, October, and November. Because of this limited availability, book as soon as you can to be sure you get your first choice of dates!

    I had the opportunity of watching this wonderful assembly on character. It was amazing to see the children get all excited, and the teachers were paying attention - and the principal! Everybody had a great time and they all learned something. It's something that I'm going to recommend to all of our units.

    - Anita Avrick, Programs Chair for Redondo Beach Council PTA

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